Drama & Dyspraxia


Ok, so if you were to walk past me, you’d probably think “average girl, bout mid-20s, maybe younger?” which is fine. Except I have Dyspraxia. This basically means that I sometimes struggle with hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness, social skills and learning new things. As I know that Dyspraxia is very little-known about and personally I feel that, along with other invisible or hidden disabilities, it should be a topic on the National Curriculum in schools, I am going to try to explain what it is using various examples.

In school; and actually I probably still am: I was rubbish at sports. Especially those that involved trying to catch a ball. To my peers? Oh yeah easy enough. To me? Not a chance! It would be like my eye would see the ball coming towards me, but my brain wouldn’t tell my hands to reach out for the ball until it…

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