All Children Matter. And Gifted Children Should Matter, Too


Children are our future.  At some point in our lives, we will grow old and depend on the younger generations, including our own children, to look out for our needs as we age and they grow into adults.  Our children will one day grow into responsible citizens who will be a part of our government, who will manage our environment and who may change our world.  Our children will grow up to be doctors who may one day take care of our medical needs, or they will become compassionate neighbors who feel it is their responsibility to come to your aid when  you are in need of assistance.  Our children may grow up and run for political office, and we will be entrusting them to vote for bills and laws to maintain the rights and privileges of all citizens.  So, yes, all children matter.  Their success matters to the people of the world.  They are everyone’s future.  That is why as the adults in our society now, we should make sure that children have what they need to succeed in their own future.  It is important for them and it is important for all of us.

Education is one of the most important needs we should provide to all children – a free and appropriate education.  A proper education is critical for the next generation of adults so that they will have the tools they need to grow up and become successful, compassionate adults, and be able to positively contribute to the well-being of all of society.  Children are our future and we need to nurture them, be responsible for their care, and educate them properly.

Do you agree?

Yet, “all children matter” is not always an accurate claim or fulfilled belief – not in education at least.  The truth is, there is a small percentage of children in our society who don’t seem to matter so much at all, especially when it comes to their education.  Would you be surprised if I told you that some of these children are not being provided an education adequate enough for them to succeed? Continue reading