Making a difference… and in good company

Sebuah surat yang ditulis oleh seorang remaja autis

Dear Teacher: A Letter From H

Sometimes I make mistakes…

I need you to help me…

Sometimes I hear everything at once… and a lot of noise is overwhelming

When I listen to music I hear everything at once… that is great for listening to music – but it can be hard in a classroom.

Hearing everything in the classroom means that: Sometimes I could hear everyone in the class breathing and it went over the sound of the teacher speaking

This makes me anxious…

I need you to understand that this doesn’t mean I wasn’t listening… or that I was misbehaving.

I need you to encourage me to stick with it… this gives me the message that I can do it and that you believe in me.

Your actions give me messages that teach me about resilience

I need you to notice the little things I do right instead of the little things I do wrong

His message was powerful: I am a kid right now… but someday I will be a grown-up

Please help me build understanding in our world…

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One Touching Poem

My friend’s 6 grader son wrote this poem as part of his 20 days of poetry homework.

Just because I have autism…
Don’t laugh at me
Don’t hurt my feelings
Please understand my autism

Just because I have autism…
Doesn’t mean I need to be babysit
Doesn’t mean I can be treated like a small kid
Doesn’t mean I am naughty

Just because I have autism…
I try to follow the rules
I can use my memory skill
I like Math

Just because I have autism…
I feel lonely
Somebody can take the ball from me
Everybody goes to the party and I don’t

Comprehensive List of Social Stories and Visual Scripts for Daily Living and Social Skills

Kumpulan panduan visual yang cukup lengkap untuk kehidupan sehari-hari.

Autism Spectrum Directory

by Autism Spectrum Directory, Copyright, All Rights Reserved.

Social stories or visual scripts are stories that describe with words and pictures different activities or events that happen in life in a step by step detailed way. The social stories or visual scripts listed are mostly in PDF format (unless otherwise noted). If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download Adobe PDF Reader.

Please email me at if you have social stories or social narratives that you would like to share on this page.

Daily Events

What I Can Do When I am Hungry

What I Can Do When I am Tired

What I Can Do When I See Friends

What I Can Do When I Need a Break

If You Don’t Know the Answer to a Question

Asking for Help

Social Cue Cards



Bedtime Routine 1

Bedtime Routine 2

Personal Care


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