Autism & The Road To Truth

By Melissa K. Knauer

What We Learned: In the whole experience of witnessing disturbing symptoms when Nick was a an infant and toddler and the hassle of going through the chain of doctors, some important lessons we learned were to 1) Trust your instincts, because a mother’s intuition is usually right and 2) Don’t give up, you will get to the point you need to give your child the help he or she needs if you just stick with it.

Some things happen that you expect. You know what to do with them. You know how to handle the situation. Some things happen that you don’t expect but you deal with the situation anyway. Some things in life creep up on you, growing in abundance little by little, not at all expected, and come as a huge blow.

I didn’t know this is how I felt about my son’s Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, until half a year after he was diagnosed. Even then, my husband and I pretty much knew what he had; we were just waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis.

Many children are now born with autism spectrum disorders and every parent has a story to tell. Ours is one of many medical conundrums with the ins and outs we faced when trying to get a true diagnosis. After all, ASDs are still extremely puzzling disorders, even for doctors. We have since crossed this huge hurdle and are taking many steps to ensure the best life for Nicholas we can provide. Continue reading