Daughter and Son

By Karen Martin
Ollie’s world, living with Autism

As we queued at the checkout the whispers began,
I could see the finger pointing from a lady and a man.

My little boy was stimming, flapping like a bird.
I suppose to those unknowledged it really seems absurd.

‘What’s wrong with your Son?’ they eventually asked.
I was taken aback but my Daughter answered fast.

‘Nothing’, she said, ‘he’s Autistic that’s all,

he’s unique, he is perfect he will never be cruel.”Come on little brother, let’s have some fun,
let’s stim together,’ she said to my Son.

Then they both flapped their arms and jumped really high.
I honestly thought they were going to fly!

I was overwhelmed with pride as I watched them both stim.
I hadn’t realized just how much she loved him.

Relief flooded through me as I know when i’m gone
My beautiful Daughter will protect my amazing Son.

The whispering stopped and they quickly walked away.
Looking very guilty and embarassed I would say.

The lesson I learnt as I stood in that line
is be proud of your children and all will be fine. ♥


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