Autism And Finding Acceptance

An Autism Support Network Article

By Edward D. Iannielli III

Autism is a part of our son’s life and we have been very supportive and loving every step of the way. It has been a long and winding road with many twists and turns and we have been trying to find the right support system to help our son and encourage him to do his best and to never lose heart. I have had days where I felt like crying when I saw how much my son struggled and longed for friendship. When you see the sadness and the isolation in your child’s eyes and you hear them express it through words it really has a way of bringing you down and making you understand the pain they feel. I know in ways that only a father can and it is very emotional for me to try and express it the way I see and feel it as I see my son isolate himself. I can relate in ways as I was a very shy kid growing up and only had a handful of friends. Continue reading


Spanking, grounding, and yelling: Does old-fashioned discipline work?

by Sarah Henry

Your kid mouths off for the umpteenth time, and you’ve had it. Gone are your lofty notions of teachable moments. You yell, “Go to your room!” Moments later, as the words echo in your ear, you realize with a shock: I’ve become my mother.

You’re not alone. The knee-jerk reaction when our kids misbehave is often to do exactly what we got as kids. The question is, do these old-school discipline tools stand the test of time?

We asked BabyCenter moms which of your parents’ techniques you’ve used. Then we turned to a panel of experts to find out which are worth keeping in the discipline tool kit and which should be tossed in the trash.


According to a BabyCenter poll, 85 percent of you were spanked as kids, and 69 percent of you do the same to your own children. A typical comment: “I was spanked when I deserved it. I think it kept me in line, and I spank my 2-year-old, too.” Many parents say they only hit their child for downright dangerous behavior, like when a toddler runs into the street.

Some parents say a swat on the bottom is an effective discipline tool when all else fails — others call it child abuse. “I remember what I was wearing, how much she hit me, how I resisted, and the crying, pain, anger, and fear,” writes one mom. “I do not remember the lesson or the deed.”

What the experts say… Continue reading