Secrets Of Spiritual Happiness

By Sharon Janis

The first step in finding happiness is to understand that happiness always comes from inside yourself.   Even if your experience of happiness appears to be coming from an outer source or experience, the actual happiness is coming from within you.

Happiness arises from within us, and dances with whatever appears to be bringing those apparently outer enjoyments.   This inner-outer happiness dance may create the illusion that your happiness is actually coming from the outer enjoyments, however it is not.

This becomes clear when we discover that certain situations that had once brought great happiness no longer create the same effect.   Time and time again, each of us is given opportunities to learn and remember that it is not outer things that bring happiness, but the interactions of our inner thoughts and feelings with those things.   Our inner thoughts and feelings are the basis of both our happiness and our unhappiness.

Because happiness comes from within, even when things don’t appear to be going perfectly well outwardly, it is still possible to experience sincere happiness. It is our inner feeling that creates happiness, along with how we interpret the events of life.

Saya kutip dari penulis Spirituality for Dummies, karena rasanya kok ‘guwe banget gitu loh…’ 🙂


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